About us

The Ing. A. F. Baeder Ges.m.b.H. was founded by Ing. Anton F. Baeder in 1946.

He established close contacts to the vehicle industry and signed many contracts with various sales agencies for original equipment as well as various agencies for the two-wheeler industry.
In 1975 the location of the company has changed from the 1. District of Vienna to the 23. district Leopoldigasse 13-17. 

Since August 2018 we are based in our new building in Vienna, Kolpingstrasse 13, 1230 Vienna.




Today, 24 employees work at this location. Company Baeder always strives to answer the customer's wishes as fast and as good as possible.
Because of this philosophy, we have many long-time partnerships.

We take care of 14 countries (like Austria, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia …).

Half of our customers are original equipment manufacturer. The service with customer-specific solutions is in the foreground.
For example: Lightings are mostly delivered with and completely preinstalled rear bumper.

Also our performance is remarkable. 90 percent of the inland-shipping leaves our warehouse on the same day.


We can deliver customers in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland more than two times a day.

In addition to the lighting parts we also sell brake and clutch hydraulic (FTE and FREMAX), couplings systems (RINGFEDER, VBG),
Cameras (ORLACO), Air tanks and Fittings.

 Ing. A.F.BAEDER Ges.m.b.H. are a reliable partner for the passenger car and truck business.